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Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor

 Anyone interested in becoming a Merit Badge Counselor will be required to complete the “Boy Scout Adult Application Form” (form 524-501) and “Merit Badge Counselor Information” (form 34405).  The person will also need to complete “Youth Protection Training” .

The two forms and the proof of Youth Protection Training should be sent to Matt Specht, District Director at the following address:

Matt Specht
P.O. Box 1083
Helena, MT 59624

Or; you may bring the forms to round table or other district meetings to give to him.

His signature is required on the form. He will then make sure the forms get to Montana Council Office and the information to the District.

If you have questions about the merit badge application or process, you may contact Cathy Quinones at (4306) 495-0699.

 The adult application can be found at:   Application must have a completed page 4 (authorization for background check) and page 5 (all application information including the social security number).  The other copies of the information on page 5 do not need to be submitted.

 The Merit Badge Counselor information form is a one page form.  It can be found at:    

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Last modified: 10/21/2011


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